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Crimson Oolong

Crimson Oolong

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Single origin tea

Enticing raspberry and caramel notes leave you feeling soothed and refreshed.  A remarkably sweet and fragrant aftertaste makes this tea a sure crowd-pleaser.

How to brew

Brew 1 teaspoon (3g) of leaves in 8oz water at 200F for 3mins 30s.  Leaves can be steeped twice without losing flavor. If re-steeping leaves, add 30s to the steep time.


Each resealable pouch contains 1.76oz / 50g of loose leaf tea. Grown in Vietnam. Packed with love in the USA.

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How do I brew this tea?

Each resealable tea pouch comes with clear brewing instructions on the front so you can make the perfect cup every time. All of our teas can also be cold brewed. If cold brewing your tea, use a generous amount of leaves and wait at least 16 hours before consuming. Always use filtered water for the best results, whichever brewing method you're using.

What's in this tea?

100% camellia sinensis (tea plant) leaves, and nothing else!

Is there caffeine in this tea?

Yes all single origin teas have caffeine in them. Unlike with coffee beans, it is difficult to remove caffeine from tea leaves without compromising the taste. However, tea also naturally contains L-theanine, a soothing compound which is the reason why coffee is known to give people jitters, but tea isn't.